Turiya has worked with Associacao Hileia, a Manaus-based NGO, to foster healthy relationships with producer communities.  We also work closely with Agroamazon, the State’s sustainable industry body.  The Federal University in Manaus is a close R&D and production partner.  Outside Brazil, Turiya collaborates with the Daimler Corporate Academy and IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland to help promote discussion on business ethics and supply chain development.  In Canada, the University of Victoria sends its MBA students to the Amazon to study Turiya’s business model as part of their International Business Program.  Turiya are advisors to the Rainforest ECOBank in their quest to plant a billion trees in the forests of Brazil.  Other partners, including the Taste Foundation in Holland and the LaGuardia Foundation in the US have also joined Turiya in its business development stages and fully support us in our quest for sustainable and ethical solutions for the Amazon.