Turiya Group was founded in 2004 as a marketing and import company to develop profitable community-based businesses in the Upper Amazon of Brazil. In 2006, to take advantage of the growing international market for açaí, Turiya pioneered the first export of açaí pulp from the State of Amazonas.
Since then Turiya has been working with local partners in the State of Amazonas to build a factory to process and export the highest quality super-antioxidant açaí. Turiya continues to source açaí from dependable suppliers in the Lower Amazon, for distribution throughout North America and Europe.
Ian Scanlan and Rafal Kalus, founders of Turiya, incorporated Amazon Açaí Industrial Ltda ("AAI") in Brazil to build and operate the new factory to be located near Manaus in the State of Amazonas. This region was selected due to its superior fruit quality, in terms of antioxidant capacity, and because it has a harvest season which complements that of the Lower Amazon, where the majority of açaí is produced.