Açaí - News

In recent years açaí has garnered increased exposure in the media. Here is what other reputable sources have to say:

  • Sales of organic foods are booming in spite of the global recession, according to a new study by market research company Packaged Facts. The value of the US market for environmentally sustainable or ‘ethical’ food products is set to rise by 8.7 per cent to US$38bn this year, and is projected to hit US$62bn by 2014.
  • Industry confirming the importance of functional foods in the marketplace.  On October 22nd Nestle announced that in the difficult year to September 2009, in which the underlying growth rate across its food and beverage product lines was 0.7%, functional foods still managed to eke out growth of 4%.
  • Açaí and other fruits sourced in the Amazon have recently been indentified as the number one trend in the ingredient sourcing industry. "Açaí lends itself well to premium, indulgence positioning, offering all of the health benefits of other superfood ingredients. It has a strong exotic appeal, bolstered by its Amazonian origination. We really see the fruit as the one to watch for ingredient sourcing in the future." - Lynn Dornblaser, director of Mintel Custom Solutions
  • Market research organization Mintel has predicted that cupuaçu will emerge as the next big superfruit flavour in 2010, among its flavor predictions for the year ahead.